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Wealthy Minds is devoted to closing the information gap and reducing the subsequent barriers to accessing careers. Often, it is a lack of self-belief, strategy, and multidimensional development beyond the classroom which limit ambitions being brought to life.


A mentor closes the information gap, equalises the playing field and supports growth and development. The School of Wealthy Minds is the mentor of tomorrow's generation. You. Our network is composed of excelling professionals from doctors, lawyers and engineers to accountants, artists and architects. 

We provide motivational talks, both educational and informative, tailored workshops and a thorough career advisory & support service.

Dr Ahamodur Rahman Choudhury MBBS BSc (Hons)
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) And Co-founder of The School of Wealthy Minds


Dr Choudhury is passionate about exposing the limitations that an information gap can have on an individual's progression.

Mentorship is what has allowed and continues to allow Dr Choudhury to excel in his academic development, medical career and humanitarian work. He believes mentorship is key to levelling the field for others, and thus since 2011 has been providing a service to motivate, mentor, and speak at schools and colleges across London. His objectives are to promote social mobility, enhance individual performance and improve access to careers.

The School of Wealthy Minds is an embodiment of Dr Choudhury's vision and objectives; we mobilise a network of excelling professionals from various fields to deliver a tailored career support service nationally. 



Dr Choudhury's Experience:

  • Motivational Speaker and career advisor for ProjectInspireAMillion

  • Academic, Innovation and Educational director at Maternal Aid Association

  • Kings College Representative at the Royal Society of Medicine

  • Imperial College London clinical research

  • Academic medical research and multiple presentations at global conferences

  • Peer-assisted learning innovator

  • COO & Academic Director at MediGate

Book Dr Choudhury and his team to speak on

  • Social mobility and breaking through doubt

  • Portfolio development, Interview coaching & training for competency/entrance exams

  • Career skills workshops

  • Advisory service

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Our network

The Wealthy Minds network is the coming together of excelling individuals in various fields to mentor the next generation.


The network is currently composed of excelling doctors, lawyers, pharmacists, dentists, accountants, architects, artists, coders, engineers, entrepreneurs and many more professionals!

We ensure that the content you receive is from the future you.

Whether you're established or in the making - Join the Wealthy Minds network.


THe power of mentorship

Fahmid Rahman

I studied radiography but never really had  my heart  on working in healthcare. A senior friend then mentored me to get into the field of finance . I found that transferable skills were more important than the content i studied.  So alongside studying radiography, I trained myself on the competency exams and securing internships. I now work for Deloitte, the largest audit firm in the world.

James Cotton

The magic circle is probably every aspiring lawyers dream. For a kid from a working class background with no private schooling, the dream is far-fetched.  But an established lawyer  helped me plan my route to become him. He told me all the things I should and shouldn't do, practised Interviews and supported me through exams .  I owe my career to him.

Nathan Ruduya

I was 29 with 4 GCSE's but i wanted to be a doctor. I only knew you had to be a genius. I wasn't. I then came into contact with a doctor who told me about how to access medicine without  A-levels. It's not about being a genius, it's about ambition and then running in the right direction. The problem was I didn't know how to achieve my ambition. All i needed was a plan and strategy- and she, Dr Sivone, gave me that.



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The School of Wealthy Minds is the future of career support. We aim to establish ourselves amongst every educational institute nationwide. The impact we want is simple - for individuals to achieve their ambitions.

Motivate your peers and the next generation at your institute - become a wealthy mind yourself!

We are looking for aspiring individuals at Universities and Colleges to join our network!

Abida Rahman

Co-founder & Chief Operational Officer

'' I'm here to put a dent in the inequalities of support that exists for young adults and youth in their career chase. There is a significant disparity that everyone is brushing under the carpet. I intend to change that and innovatively promote development beyond the classroom''

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Ahamodur Choudhury

Co-founder & Chief Executive officer

'' I want the youth to dream beyond societal and personal restrictions. I'm especially going to focus my efforts on removing the barriers that social class imposes on career ambitions and   achievements. How? keep an eye on Wealthy Minds!''

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